To jest fantazja, którą nadesłał mi jeden z czytelników. Postanowiłam ją opublikować.

Jeśli chcesz się ze mną podzielić swoimi fantazjami, to właśnie tworzę na to miejsce.  „Twoim okiem” – twoje fantazje i inne zabłąkane myśli.



September is always a month of change: Summer turns to Autumn; the kids go back to school; and I finally decided that I need a woman despite the fact that I am married. I had an urge to find someone or something, I just need it.

I decided to go into a Polish chat room and chat with women with varying levels of success until I found one lady who’s command of the English language went a little further than:  „hello”,  „how are you?”.

The woman in question was called Anna – a woman trapped in a relationship pretty similar to mine, looking for an escape. After a few days of chatting  and exchanged emails and telephone numbers  – we decided to meet.

So the date was set. The place: a coffee shop on Nowy Świat.  Careful preparation was made to what I wanted to wear – I shaved, aftershaved  – I was ready.  Albeit with butterflies in my stomach – would she like me? what would happen? Would we have sex?

One thing I did know was I wanted her.

Anna was different and just my type. What is my type?  – I hear you ask. Long hair, beautiful shapes and – I am shy to say it – she had breasts that me would die for.  Should I focus on her like this? Did I think about fucking her?  Oh, „Yes” to all of the above.

She was imprinted in my mind… She was everywhere in my mind.  I couldn’t and didn’t want to forget her. Was in love with Anna? -Was it too fast?

The cafe, the location, the day was here.  I am always too early. I decided to take a seat inside – after all this is an affair. 

I had so many mixed emotions, excitement, fear and trepidation what would happen…

I recognized Anna immediately- she rushed into the cafe as if she was late but of course she wasn’t.

She had bright red, rosy cheeks and mixed with her perfume it illuminated the air.

Out conversation referred to our chats and I confirmed to  her that she was more beautiful than her photo or photos – which she seemed embarrassed. She was amazing.

We had been chatting for 3 weeks. A consuming 3 weeks.  A 3 weeks that  consumed me and brought be to this location, photos, calls, masturbation. Do I tell her that I cum over her photos?  Better no, but I can’t help it.

We had coffee and I have no recollection of drinking it before I knew it we were out of the coffee shop and heading to the metro. And one thing was resounding in my head – will one of my friends see me with this woman?

Anna was beautiful in every way – she had a bright soul, but was lost in a marriage similar to mine. I wanted her so much.   She wanted something and we were heading south towards my flat and we both knew what was going to happen…

I looked nervous and she kept saying „relax”  but I couldn’t  – I had so many thoughts going through my head.

I offered her a coffee, she smiled and undressed  like she surely had done this before.

There she was stood in my lounge in a black one piece just as I imagined. I guided her to my bedroom.  Blood was racing through my body.

She kneeled  in-front of me and undid my belt.  We were both naked. I was conscious of my penis being erect – and I had to protect it – I could cum to quickly or it would be all over.

I wanted this to last forever.

I opened her legs and found a well kept vagina.  The pink of her labia was peeking through – I dipped my tongue in.  She went tense due to the nature of my tongues action.

She tasted so sweet I kissed her pussy passionately driving my tongue deeper and deeper into her!  My  face wet from her  juice – I was drinking her and I loved every drop and I wanted more.

I started to lick her botttom and when promoted dipped my tongue into her ass hole – Anna moaned clutching the side of the bed…

My one focus was her and her alone.

The whole situation was so intense , my cock was dripping and I needed to put it in her mouth but I waited to as I wanted her pussy.

Then I drew back an moved up to her amazing  breasts – breasts that men would kill for.

I sucked her errect nipples – I rubbed my cock over them sliding between her cleavage with droplets of cum on her chest – this was amazing! 

I want this again and again. I will give everything for this.

The time had come and I had to penetrate her.

I lay Anna on her back and dipped my cock into her hot slit.  She jolted as I plunged my cock into her deeper and deeper.

She was so wet – my cock covered in her juice – it felt as my cock was drowning in her and I have never been so hard or aroused.

I loved it and she enjoyed my penis.

We talked before where I would cum and we followed our script.   

I was so close and inside her  how would I get to her mouth without cuming?

I want her to taste my cum so much. She has to swallow me  and I am so close make it to her mouth – my cock is about to explode!

I have so much cum in my balls and she swallows me.

My cock in her throat – taking my entire length as I cum down her throat! She swallowing all of my juice!

I put my fingers inside her and still manipulating pretty fast until…

I came – we came , we did it!

We lay back to contemplate our experience…  So we do it again?  When will my wife be home….


Written by SHERLOCK